Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello dear's been ages since I've been here...shame on me again!
I promise to try to get here on a regular basis this new year...okay then?'s a balmy 3 degrees here today...and it's snowing! Enough already, please and thank you? I love the winter, but this year, it seems to be lasting forever!
Someone sent me this cute picture, and it shares my sentiments exactly, so I thought I'd share it with you all :O)

First off...I have some pix to share of the Quilt Show our doll club, the "Cloth-a-dollics", set up a display of our dolls at. We are a small group, so you'll see a lot of my dolls and of my friend Paulette's. We kind of took over the display her wonderful dh made ;O)

And here's is a close up of some of my dolls:

I made this doll using a large floor candle stick as her base and an enlarged version of Judi Ward's "Whatever, Whatever" doll for the head and arms. We pinned our pin dolls from the exchange at "Doll Street" on the little info quilt I made for her to hold. She's wearing my old glasses...kinda of a self portrait want-to-be? LOL! You can also see Paulette's "Smoke" doll, made with a pattern from Julie McCullough, and her darling pirates made for a local challenge...and my little logo pink kitty, too :O)

That's all for today...I hope to get a chance to take individual shots of my dolls to post shortly, plus the few I'm finished since the show, so please come back to visit again soon.
Take care and stay warm...until we meet again,


Paulette said...

Hi Kat,
the pics look great. I never did post mine. Oh well. Let's get together next week if we can get out of our houses. I feel like I live in a snowglobe! LOL!

kay susan said...

That's a very impressive display - and what a clever stand!

Judi W. said...

Fab display! I see your Charmed One is peeking out! I do love her!

Kreatively - Kat! said...

Thanks for the lovely comments ladies :O)