Friday, February 13, 2009

New dolls to share with you :O)

Have you had a chance to look through Ray Slater's book, "Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists"? OH MY GOODNES! Talk about, I have found a new favorite way to do crazy this method! First new pic to share is my version of her stump doll.
Next picture is of my version in process of a "Muze" from Julie McC's pattern...I didn't like the head I'd made for her, so the poor doll had been sitting for ages, just the body on the finial. Well, I was sew inspired by Ray's book, I made her robe, them used a head from my parts stash and think I may actually get her done...loving the peacock colors of her outfit :O)
Picture Number 3 & 4 are of the two free form wire bodies that I showed you a quick peak of in my body parts picture on Tuesday...these are inspired by Ray's book as well...and are wearing heads from my spare parts box...I may find a use for all those babies yet!
Last, but not least, is a close up picture of my finished "Moody Boobs" from Kate Erbach's class and a close up of my "Lake Superior Splash" Mermaid, perched on top of the sea horse I designed for inspiration for the Mer-horse came from my daughter's "Bella Sarah" cards. I loved their more fantastical approach to the sea horse, so ran with that idea. What do you think?
Stay safe and Happy Hearts to you all...

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C'est bien pour dire... said...

Vous avez un réel talent pour faire des choses magnifiques!

Bravo, continuez, vous faite MIEUX que bien!!!

You have a rare talent to make beautiful things!

Bravo, persist, you are doing MORE than good!!!