Friday, February 13, 2009

They're back! Yippee skippee :O)

( was an ID10T error... Ms Kat didn't realize her images needed to be a bit smaller, so they have been re-sized and have re-appeared :O)
What have I done? The pictures are gone...and they were there when I posted the last two times :O(
If I can figure out what I've done, will repost them shortly...the ID 10 T errors I have been making lately are just about driving me cuckoo. Think it's time for a nap? I woke up feeling craptacular this morning, and probably should have stayed in bed. But, the sun was shining in my snowglobe world (thanks for the visual on that Paulette, I had to borrow it :O) and I decided to be a glow worm...'cuz a glow worm's never glum...for it's hard to be grumbly when the sun shines out your bum!
Glow little worms...
(who is now off for a little catnap...)
>^. .^<

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