Friday, February 27, 2009

Oops...forgot one thing!

I do have kind of a "pattern" for my seahorse. So far, it is just my drawing of the parts as written instruction done...yet. However, I am working on making another one and can do step by steps????

If you are interested in seeing my "Mer-horse" as a pattern, let me know and I will do my best. If enough comments get left, perchance I shall have a pattern give-a-way?!? Ideas, anyone?!?

Thanks again!
Stay warm and toasty,

Snowed in! -and- face close ups...

We are officially snowed in today, again!

I tried to let the pups out and imagine, if you will...2 mini Schnauzers hopping (because, if you don't know Schnauzers, they hop like rabbits when they run, especially when they're doing the "I gotta go P.P." dance!) down the stairs for their first morning romp in the poo yard...and they can't get outside because the snow is up past the doggy door. Poor Claudia...she tried to go out and the door didn't budge...and Sophia (also referred to as the Yetti, since she loves to be out in the snow) just kept trying to bounce out, and was growling at the door as if telling it to open up already. When I shooed her away and got the broom so I could push the snow out, she finally realized the door wasn't gonna budge until I was done so sat down and looked at me as if to say: "Momma, you best hurry up!" LOL, don't you just love fur children?

Anyway, back to dolly stuff :O)

Here are my "Muze" and "Stump Doll" faces. I'm sorry the previous pics were blurry and would like to send out a very big "Thank you!" to those that asked for close ups...your kind words are a warm hug on this burr cold day in the great white North!

More pix of Ms Muze will be coming soon...I have been a busy bee doing some beading on her.

I hope your day is filled with sunshine and that the snow stops soon here! I have tickets to take Rachel to the "Jonas Brothers Movie" premier this afternoon with one of her friends, and she will be majorly bummed if we can't go. The netherworld hath no fury like a 10 year old girl child deprived of a much awaited Birthday treat, yikes! I'd hate to be me if the weather keeps up....Calgon, do they make enough of you to shield the mumma from the wrath of the pre-PMS daughter? LOL, those of you that have been through this, know exactly what I mean, right? :O)

Okay, off to play with my sewing machine, take care dear friends!

In the event that you don't hear from me for a bit, please send out the Big rescue Dog with a Thermos full of Captain Morgan's and come dig out the U.P...okay then?

Friday, February 13, 2009

They're back! Yippee skippee :O)

( was an ID10T error... Ms Kat didn't realize her images needed to be a bit smaller, so they have been re-sized and have re-appeared :O)
What have I done? The pictures are gone...and they were there when I posted the last two times :O(
If I can figure out what I've done, will repost them shortly...the ID 10 T errors I have been making lately are just about driving me cuckoo. Think it's time for a nap? I woke up feeling craptacular this morning, and probably should have stayed in bed. But, the sun was shining in my snowglobe world (thanks for the visual on that Paulette, I had to borrow it :O) and I decided to be a glow worm...'cuz a glow worm's never glum...for it's hard to be grumbly when the sun shines out your bum!
Glow little worms...
(who is now off for a little catnap...)
>^. .^<

New dolls to share with you :O)

Have you had a chance to look through Ray Slater's book, "Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists"? OH MY GOODNES! Talk about, I have found a new favorite way to do crazy this method! First new pic to share is my version of her stump doll.
Next picture is of my version in process of a "Muze" from Julie McC's pattern...I didn't like the head I'd made for her, so the poor doll had been sitting for ages, just the body on the finial. Well, I was sew inspired by Ray's book, I made her robe, them used a head from my parts stash and think I may actually get her done...loving the peacock colors of her outfit :O)
Picture Number 3 & 4 are of the two free form wire bodies that I showed you a quick peak of in my body parts picture on Tuesday...these are inspired by Ray's book as well...and are wearing heads from my spare parts box...I may find a use for all those babies yet!
Last, but not least, is a close up picture of my finished "Moody Boobs" from Kate Erbach's class and a close up of my "Lake Superior Splash" Mermaid, perched on top of the sea horse I designed for inspiration for the Mer-horse came from my daughter's "Bella Sarah" cards. I loved their more fantastical approach to the sea horse, so ran with that idea. What do you think?
Stay safe and Happy Hearts to you all...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ice is everywhere!

Oh my goodness...was it slippery this morning! I drove Rachel to school (I think we were one of the only schools open in the whole county today!) and couldn't believe the number of cars in the ditch...thank God and the Angel on my shoulder that I wasn't one of them! If our goofy school district hadn't used up all their snow days in December for a few inches here and there, we would have been able to keep our kids safe at home on days like today...a soap box I'm sure you don't want me to hop on :OP

On a lighter note, I have been making doll heads like crazy for the past few months! Heads and more specifically faces, are my favorite part of the doll making process and for some reason, I can't seem to stop making more...poor things need bodies, LOL! What to do??? A head sculpture of some sorts??? Sounds find of creepy, doesn't it? Here's a quick peak inside my head box :O)

Okay, I guess there is more than just heads...LOL! I need to get to work :O)
(P.S. The quilt the "dolls" are sitting on was a B-Day gift from my beloved Mom...isn't it grand? Love it and you, MOM!)

Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello dear's been ages since I've been here...shame on me again!
I promise to try to get here on a regular basis this new year...okay then?'s a balmy 3 degrees here today...and it's snowing! Enough already, please and thank you? I love the winter, but this year, it seems to be lasting forever!
Someone sent me this cute picture, and it shares my sentiments exactly, so I thought I'd share it with you all :O)

First off...I have some pix to share of the Quilt Show our doll club, the "Cloth-a-dollics", set up a display of our dolls at. We are a small group, so you'll see a lot of my dolls and of my friend Paulette's. We kind of took over the display her wonderful dh made ;O)

And here's is a close up of some of my dolls:

I made this doll using a large floor candle stick as her base and an enlarged version of Judi Ward's "Whatever, Whatever" doll for the head and arms. We pinned our pin dolls from the exchange at "Doll Street" on the little info quilt I made for her to hold. She's wearing my old glasses...kinda of a self portrait want-to-be? LOL! You can also see Paulette's "Smoke" doll, made with a pattern from Julie McCullough, and her darling pirates made for a local challenge...and my little logo pink kitty, too :O)

That's all for today...I hope to get a chance to take individual shots of my dolls to post shortly, plus the few I'm finished since the show, so please come back to visit again soon.
Take care and stay warm...until we meet again,