Thursday, July 10, 2008

A pincushion dolly to share with you!

Are you a pincushion fan like I am? One day, whilst I was surfing the web, catching some free patterns (LOL, that sounded funny in my head!), I found one for this darling pincushion/bust doll, and had to make one. Only thing is, I downsized the pattern to use one of the heads I'd already had made...I love making heads, so have several waiting for just the right body to come along and snatch it up...excess body parts abound in my studio as sometimes the head for a project just doesn't match the body, 'know what I mean?
Anyway, this is the site to find the pattern on:
The pattern prints out as two pages...I shrank mine down to fit on one page (my printer has a "booklet printing" mode) and the head pattern was just about the same size as my favorite PMC head whallah! It made up in a snap, and several friends have commented on how they'd love one for Christmas...I'm thinking I may be using up my spare heads...don't you just love it?
Off to nap...cooked for the Seniors with mom all morning and the kitchen was 80+ degrees when I left! Yikes, but the heat gets me.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Where are my pictures??? Never mind, they have re-appeared!

Oh my, I don't know what happened!?
I updated my blog yesterday with new pics of my Vivianna, and she's gone...
But, so are all my sidebar pixs & all my custom thingies :O( The Blogger demons have dumped my stuff ... Time for an update!
***Nix the above, some kind soul restored my sidebar and all is well in Katland, meow!***

So new pictures, again, first;
1. Here is the new and improved Miss Vivianna ... She was the first doll I made from Patti Culea's Beaded Doll Book and I just made her a new head. (I thought her first head's eyes were too close together, so am re-purposing that one for a cloth-over classs I'll be taking soon.)
2. Here she is in all her glory ... I was playing with my paint program, so pardon the funky back ground. The little I.D. tag in her dress was where I'd sprayed the picture in error and couldn't figure out how to remove mistakes, just artist chances waiting to happen! :O)
I have about 30 hours of beading into this little miss, and loved every minute of it!
She has earrings (no ears though, LOL!) rings & bracelets on her toes and fingers....My daughter says "I blinged her to the Max!", what do you think?
More pix coming soon...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rachel's first stuffie :O)

I haven't updated in a bit and have more to share!
My 9 year old wanted to make a stuffie for one of my friends that has to have knee surgery... she drew the picture, I traced it onto fabric and she sewed and stuffed it. She drew the face on with my gel pens and even whip stitched the openings closed. We're all so proud of her, I almost didn't want to give it away, but knew it would be muchly appreciated by Julie ... who cried when she received it.
(Of course, as soon as I can get her to sit at the machine again, she has to make one for mommy and one for gramma, too!)

Another dolly class project almost done....

Here's my "Moody Boobs"(Kate Erbach class at Crafty College) . She just needs here skirt and she'll be hanging on my studio door for all to see. I loved this project and already have a new face done and another on the way, though I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, just caught the beading bug :O)

And here are some close ups of her beading detail...

Happy Tuesday!

I have finally finished my Wallart project, I think!? I am happy with the "I wanna be a Mermaid" piece, but not so with the "Flutterby" piece. My daughter thinks it's so kewl, so it's staying as is and will hang in her bedroom...tell me what you all think?