Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rachel's first stuffie :O)

I haven't updated in a bit and have more to share!
My 9 year old wanted to make a stuffie for one of my friends that has to have knee surgery... she drew the picture, I traced it onto fabric and she sewed and stuffed it. She drew the face on with my gel pens and even whip stitched the openings closed. We're all so proud of her, I almost didn't want to give it away, but knew it would be muchly appreciated by Julie ... who cried when she received it.
(Of course, as soon as I can get her to sit at the machine again, she has to make one for mommy and one for gramma, too!)


Carla said...

I think that is fabulous!!

Kat Lees said...

Bravo to little Rachel, wonder where she gets her talent from Kat............good job Rachel.
Hugs, Kat Lees