Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm playing with my blog >^..^<

I went searching for how to change things about my blog in the blogger questions forum...lots to read!
If you want to change your blog, the info takes you step by step through how to do it!
I also found a free place for backgrounds in the FAQ segment and started there. Want to check the site out? Click here:
Then I expanded my column widths and tried to make it three columns, but liked it better as two, so restored it.
I will play more later, but I'm liking the change so far!
Don't be afraid to play with your set up...just make sure you do as the recommend and back up your existing template to your hard drive so you can always restore it if you aren't happy with your changes.


creativedawn said... have not been here in awhile and I hope you are okay! To answer your question.... here is the link
Posh Pattern #012...Catherine....
her handbags are easy to make and the instructions were very easy to read...simply a must try!!! hope you get this message

Kreatively - Kat! said...

Thanks so much Pam...
School is back in session and I got the first bug my daughter came home with and haven't been able to kick it :O(
Hugs to you!

creativedawn said...

Well, I like your blog! I hope you are feeling better; my children all have colds now...think it is because now the weather is usually cool to getting cold; but lately it has been really warm 70s/80...whewww, enough of summer already! lol....take care of yourself and I'll look back later....