Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good morning!

Oh my goodness, I didn't realize that I haven't been here in a month...shame on me! Summer break is here and my 9 year old is off school...mommy doesn't have a lot of time to herself to play dolls...she has a real dolly to play with instead! I am making slow progress on my WallArt...they are spray painted, but I'm not liking them so will be adding more color before I post pictures.
I am also taking Kate Erbach's "Moody Boobs" Class...If you've not seen Moody, she's adorable. Check out this site:
My Moody is beaded to the nines...just have to finish her hands and feet and will have her picture up soon.
I've drawn up the plans for a clock doll...can't wait to start her, so I best get my other projects done! Hope everyone is having fun in the sun...with sunscreen protection!
Happy sewing,


About Me said...

Hi Kat,
Yes it's about time you wrote something!!! Trying to get the pirates done so I can start on my Travel Swap doll. Waaaaay to many irons in my fire! Over extended, is there any other way?!? LOL!! Picked up the form for the quilt show, will be in touch soon..Oh, I did a blog..all by myself! Surprise!

Maryellen said...

Welcome to Art doll makers. I look forwardx to seeing more of your work.

Kreatively - Kat! said...

Thanks for the welcome, Maryellen :O)