Friday, May 9, 2008

My latest WIP...

I had mentioned I was taking Sherry Goshon's Wall Art class on Dollstreet in a previous post, and had promised pictures. Well, at first I wasn't very sure I liked what I was doing. I thought I'd gone a bit overboard with clay. But after adding hair, I really like it so am finally posting pics. The faces started as press molds that I added to. I sculpted the fish, seahorse, sea monkey's hiding in the mer's hair and the litle girls bum. I'm calling it: "I wanna be a mermaid too, please?" The mer's hairs are untwisted macrame cord and Iwann's is embroidery floss.
Okay then, here is my work in progress so far:

This is a truly awesome project for self expression, and each of us in the class is doing something completely different. The next step is to play in Paverpol, and I've not done that before so am realy looking forward to making a mess :O)
'Til next time...

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Judi W. said...

Looking good, Kat! Lots of great movement in the piece already. Can't wait to see it finished.